Hebron Hawks Golf

2019 Golf Tryouts- Parent's Q & A

1. When are tryouts?
Tryouts will be held on May 7th @ Indian Creek Golf Course. Please arrive by 4:15 to warm up on the range. Pairing and round will start approx 5pm. 
Email Coach Campbell at
campbellt@lisd.net if you are planning to try out to have your name added for tee times

2. What will tryouts consist of?Range will open at 4:15pm- arrive early to give player time to warm up on range and practice putting. 
Each player is responsible for purchasing their own range balls. 
Each player will play 9 holes of golf (maybe less) -a Hebron golfer will be with each group to help with rulings/keep score.
The green fees will be paid for by Hebron Golf.

3. What will I need to bring?

Dress like a golfer and have your own equipment. (Be sure to have enough golf balls and tees for your golf round). 
You will also have to carry your own bag during your round- push carts are permitted.

4. When will I find out if I make the team?
Coach Campbell will announce at tryouts when players will be notified of making the team and call them directly.  
Class schedules will be updated for Golf
Player list will be posted on the
http://hebrongolf.com web site. 
5. What is expected from the parents? 
They will be expected to be active in our golf booster club. 
Be able to take their golfer to practice everyday and pick them up afterwards, or get into a car pool arrangement with other golf parents. 
They will also be expected to support their golfer with equipment, lessons, golf, financial obligations and positive reinforcement.
6. What periods will the golfers be in and do they have to be in golf all year? 
All golfers will be in the 4th period. 
This past year, we went to the courses on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Wednesday is used for a pro-day and practice rounds and Friday we do conditioning. (we sprint, run the mile, core and strength conditioning etc…) 
If it is too cold or rainy on a golf day sometimes we will go to Compugolf to hit balls inside. 
Our home courses are Indian Creeks (both sides), Lake Park, Hank Haney, Coyote Ridge and Castle Hills.
They must be in golf class all year unless they play another sport that is not in-season in the spring.
Any spring sport will not work with golf due to it is golf’s most important time of the year.  (Exceptions will be basketball players).
We play all year long.  The golfers play 8 tournaments a year, usually 4 before Winter break and 4 after the break. 

The varsity district tournament and any play-off will be additional tournaments for those who qualify. 

7. May a freshman make the varsity?
Yes, and a player of any grade (9-12) may work their way up to varsity.

8. May any grade tryout and what are you looking for and how many will you be taking?

Yes, any grade (incoming 9th grader – current 11 grader) may tryout. 
The older you are the expectations of what you should be doing or scoring is greater than in-coming freshman. 
What I am looking for is someone who can make good solid contact with the golf ball, have some distance, and willing to adapt or change their swing if it needs it. 
I will also be looking at a player that already knows most of the basic rules of playing golf as they will be playing no more than 9 holes.  
They have to carry their own golf bag, play USGA golf, and keep score for them self and the rest of the golfers their group, as they would in a tournament. 

Experience of playing is very helpful! 
Some have not played in Jr. Tournaments before; but playing with someone else will be okay as long as they play USGA rules.

9. Once we make the team does our parents have to drive us the tournaments and may my parents watch?
Only to close ones will your parents drop you off at the course and pick you up. We do play in tournaments that are in our backyard, per say. 
But the others we will drive you from school take you there, provides drink and snacks as you play and bring you back to school. 
I want the parents to watch, its one of the few sports that you do not have to pay to watch you their Son/daughter play. 
It might cost you to rent a golf cart if you do not want to walk.  

Parents be very aware that you cannot Coach, give advice, or rulings when they are playing in a high school tournament.

Any other questions, feel free to email me @

The parents of players who make the team, we will have a meeting for you to help you adapt to the program before school starts